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By far the best and most authentic Western restaurant in Chengdu. The hotel offers a wide range of rooms from single to family. Da Pan Ji (大盘鸡) is a great choice if eating with a group. The spiciest food in Chengdu is hotpot (also called steampot or steamboat), although the tradition originated in Chongqing, so it is not really Chengdu food. But you need to ask a local to take you to the right place. The room next door has a moderately interesting display on the museum s history and numerous examples of ancient bronzes and stone age artifacts. Collect taxi cards from hotels and restaurants and show them to the drivers, and when close to your destination start instructing by pointing with your hand. This may be trying initially, as the level of English spoken is noticeably lower than other places, but it s also a blessing; carry a phrasebook and enjoy the authentic Chinese urban experience lei qiang dating. This temple is built for commemorating Zhuge Liang(诸葛亮), he is minister of Shu(蜀) in Three Kingdoms Period. Taxi drivers don t speak English nor do they understand the map, so have an address written in Chinese with you. Spicy food eaters will love this, those who do not like spicy food should probably skip it altogether. edit Also, on the southern bank of Jinjiang there is a row of bars between Renmin South Road and Xin South Road. edit Citadines South Chengdu, No 88 Tianfu 3rd Street , ICON Genesis Plaza Tower 5, Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Chengdu, ☎ +86 28 85216666 ([emailprotected]), [44].

During night time the starting price is ¥1 more and per km price is ¥2. If you have an iPhone, you can download the Taxi Book app (free) which provides digital taxi cards for all locations in Chengdu lei qiang dating. You can also load credits (次) for this month and credits for next month. This method usually gets you there - some drivers however will not follow your instructions or get angry for you travelling a longer distance than what they expected. Get around the museum cluster by walking or rent a bicycle built for two; a tea-house is located on site. Bailuwan Wetlands Also known as Egret Bay. Here, you can not only enjoy fine food, taste mellow coffee or enjoy a romantic afternoon tea, but also choose a book in the plants around the bookstore, leisurely spend a full day. edit A Thousand Plateaus Art Space (千高原艺术空间; Qian Gaoyuan Yishu Kongjian), 3-5 Southern District, Tiexiang Temple Riverfront, 699 First Tianfu Street, High-Tech Development Zone (. It centers around a huge gorge with waterfalls. It is dedicated to the Buddhist representation of Wisdom, Wenshu Pusa ( Manjusri Bodhisatva), and contains more than 450 Buddha statues and other precious relics. Direct buses to the park (via Ya an) leave from Xinnanmen station every 30mins. edit Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant ((北海道日本料理)), Various locations throughout the city (Locations include Chunxi Rd (春熙路), Yulin S Rd (玉林南路), outside of Sichuan University (Near Cafe Paname), and more). By motorized pedi-cab[edit] There are still some motorized bicycle-propelled pedicabs called san lun che (三轮车) which can take you moderate distances.

Ask a local to help you login, most college age students are able to speak decent level of English. Trains to Dujiangyan(the city that holds Qingchengshan-Dujiangyan National Park) also depart from this station. Things to be on the lookout for are spicy bowls of breakfast noodles, (担担面; dandanmian), double cooked pork (回锅肉; húigūoròu), and dozens of dishes coated in málà the Sichuan chili spice famous the world over.
. You will forget yourself living in downtown. Aside from its hotel (which you cannot find from inside incidentally), the building is operational. In addition to being happily underpriced for the value provided, fans of Fawlty Towers will find themselves confronted by Basil Fawlty s good twin in the person of Mr. ), ☎ +86 28 86666478 ([emailprotected]). Foot and body massage is very popular in Chengdu with a lot of varieties. The hotels listed below are the best of the bunch with lobby staff who speak at least a basic level of English and usually offer a free Chinese breakfast. There is also a the modestly named New China Porcelian Museum , which actually tells the story of the Cultural Revolution through porcelians of that era. edit The Loft, (3 blocks N of Dragon Town Hostel). edit Chengdu Garden City Hotel, 8 Daye Rd, Jinjiang District, ☎ +86 28-86663388 ([emailprotected], fax: 86-028-86655672), [32]. .

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