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Are there steps I can use to troubleshoot this issue beyond the very basic double check that your credentials are correct. I m not able to change the software sources on the update manager, and when run it comes out with: GPG error: http://packages. Another reason why you might have said that is that Mint isn’t a distribution in the same manner as traditional distributions (like Arch, Debian, Slackware) which role is to distribute upstream. Any given update can potentially introduce code changes and dependencies between them in any number of these packages. I’m no developer, but I’m guessing it was easier to write their own package manager, rather than to earmark every package version through synaptic mint not updating. And all the way in between, arch toward the gentoo side, ubuntu toward the mint side, with debian and fedora and opensuse and lots of variants and smaller distros in the middle. com/country/state/city-2389218/ https://www mint not updating. net_dists_katya_import_i18n_Index Failed to fetch http://packages. Two-factor security seems to be more and more prevalent with banking sites. Hi there, I just revived my blog but mint did not update the stats. Even small annoyances can be show-stopper for many people when they are doing unpaid support work. (The only GUI-based package installer I’ve seen so far, from an Ubuntu-based distro, anyway, that allows you to empty your package cache is Linux Deepin’s. The good news is there’s lots of distros out there to choose from.

Find the good stuff Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. fidelity is not updating transactions My new fidelity signature rewards visa credit card is not uploading my transactions. Of course, this does not solve the issue of a badly configured synaptic if it is the underlying problem. The solution proposed was to upgrade to 13, which I have done and I m having a similar problem. For many users, computers are appliances, they want it to be as simple to use as a car. Lionel > are provided in your favorite distro by default. And it (Mint Update) sometimes just doesn’t provide me the information I need and the options I want, where Synaptic is often a more convenient and more useful tool than either Mint Update or the CLI options. Or you are not confident in the process, which means that there ARE problems, and you do not do the upgrades. Jim Anderson I volunteer for a non-profit that refurbishes computers for people. Prior to this we’d show x updates and you couldn’t see what source package they were from. Now with that said, it’s also one of the reasons we decided to stick to LTS, so that these upgrades could be safer and trivial. Have a look at it yourself if you can, it’s not that complicated. 67GTA Mint forks a huge number of packages from the Debian/Ubuntu repos.

What became of mintConstructor, I don’t know. However, I want Linux to be Linux and not to be about putting sections of the system off-limits to me. We don’t mind people not giving us credit, quite the opposite.
. You can report a problem by clicking Get Help in the top right corner of the screen (or clicking this link). I dug around the code and pulled the URL it uses to get the data back from yahoo api s and tried to get the data back through a browser. Of course, if a distribution does not make a difference between security updates and other updates, the choice is quickly done -> Distro unable to support required process, next distro. net_dists_katya_main_binary-amd64_Packages Encountered a section with no Package: header Failed to fetch gzip:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/packages. Anyway, assuming that power users always use the command line does not match reality. com/news/weather/country/state/city-2389218/ works. Lionel There are also two “CleanCache” and “AutoCleanCache” boolean fields in the /root/. :-) The city button is set to direct to us. net_dists_katya_upstream_binary-amd64_Packages Encountered a section with no Package: header Failed to fetch gzip:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/packages. done(function(){ hide_gray_bg(); delbox(1); }); } setTimeout(function() { $(.


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mint not updating

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