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(69)     Cobthach Caol BREAGH of IRELAND  (. ) ;  or: Guillaume de BEC (son of Rollo Brico Thurstan (q sex dating in fayette ohio. BC) ;  aka Eochaidh Airemh `Gravedigger ; 94th MONARCH of IRELAND Eochaid Faeburglas MacCONMAEL  (. - 1698 BC Eire) ;  aka Heber Fionn (Fiona); 1st MONARCH of IRELAND; five sons were MONARCH (four k. - 1198) ;  aka Rory O CONNOR; King of CONNACHT; 183rd (and Last) MONARCH of IRELAND *     *     [ca 1172-1921]   Ireland ruled by England. ) ;  aka Aedh II; 141st MONARCH of IRELAND; ancestor of MONARCH Aedh Finnliath MacNEILL (King of AILECH)  (. BC) ;  aka Ruadhri (Rory) MOR; 86th MONARCH of IRELAND; eponym of Clan-na-Rory; father of two Monarchs Setna (II) Innarraid MacBREISSE  (. BC)) ;  aka Adamhor (Adhamair) Foltchmoin; aka Adhamhra Foltcain MacFEARCORB; 78th MONARCH of IRELAND Aodh Uaridhrach of IRELAND  (. BC) ;  aka Caobthach (Covac) Coel `Lean BROEG; (his death commemorated in oldest Irish poem) *     Sources may show two different pedigrees for 152nd Monarch (152)   (152 - wrong.

        John Pierpont MORGAN  (Hartford, Conn. - 123) ;  aka Cathaeir (Cathaoir) Mor; King of LEINSTER; (mythical); 109th MONARCH of IRELAND Cellach (Kelly) MacMAEL COBA  (. BC) ;  aka Nuadhat I; aka Nuadhar Finnfail `the Fair ; aka Nuodhas Fionn Fail; 39th MONARCH of IRELAND Ollaman Fotla MacFIACHACH  (. BC)) ;  aka Olioll Fionn MacART; 56th MONARCH of IRELAND Ainmere (Ainmercach) MacSETNA ;  aka Anmire (Ainmuire) MacSETNAI; 138th MONARCH of IRELAND Airt `the Solitary Aoinfhear MacCONN  (.         Mayer Amschel Bauer von ROTHSCHILD  (Frankfurt 1744 - 1812 Frankfurt) ;  (Meyer Anselm) (founded Rothschild bank, making his heirs among the most wealthy ever; 2nd Wealthiest Per. 21st MONARCH of IRELAND Nuahhas (Nuadha) FIONN FAIL  (. *     *     *     MONARCH (alphabetic) Aed (Cenal Conaill) MacAINMERE ;  aka Aodh (Aedh; I; II) MacANMIRE; 140th MONARCH of IRELAND Aed Oirdnidhe O NEILL  (. ) ;  aka Donal of IRELAND; King of MIDE (Meath); 161st MONARCH of IRELAND Domnall O NAILL (173rd MONARCH) of IRELAND  (. Finniety `the Festive , son of Dunchadh, King of Ulidia, son of Aed Slaine MacDIARMATA (154)   (155)   *     Some sources name a different 155th Monarch: (155.

Monarchy was contested during and after the reign of 179th Monarch. BC) ;  aka Lughaidh Luaghne (Luaighne) MacIONADMAOR; 89th MONARCH of IRELAND Lugaid (Lughoidh) MacCon (MacLUGAID. *     The 1st and 2nd Milesian Monarchs were brothers, and 33-great grandsons of Adam in early legends.
. BC)) ;  aka Reachta (Reachtaidh) Righdhearg; aka Reacht Righ-dearg MacLUGHAIDH; 65th MONARCH of IRELAND; (called. ) ;  107th MONARCH of IRELAND Niall Glundub MacAEDA (O NAILL)  (870. BC) ;  aka Eochaidh; 27th MONARCH of IRELAND; instituted Feis Teamhrach (Parliament); 3 sons & 3 grandsons were MONARCH Rechtaid Rigderg MacLUGAID `the Red King  (. ; eponym of Disneyland; 8th most influential businessman ever)        With this large collection of newspapers online, you can read and search newspapers dating back over 150 years. ) WATSON  (Dayton, Ohio 1914 - 1993 Conn. .

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